Privacy Policy

Marathon Airlines Global Data Protection Statement.

Marathon Airlines respects your privacy and recognises its importance to you. Marathon Airlines is completely committed to following all applicable data protection legislation, with the primary goal of maintaining a globally recognised data protection standard wherever we fly.

We understand the utmost importance of confidentiality and being discrete. Marathon Airlines has modified its data protection approach to provide a global and simplified legal foundation for all databases and applications that share personal data within and outside the Marathon Airlines family of companies. 

The Privacy Policy applies to all your personal information that is collected, used, or otherwise processed as a Marathon Airlines customer or potential customer. According to the data protection plan, all Marathon Airlines employees, contractors, consultants, partners, or agents who have access to any personal data kept by or on behalf of Marathon Airlines are fully aware of and comply with their legal obligations.


Marathon Airlines shall ensures that;

1. Data is obtained and processed in a fair and lawful manner, and not in any way that contradicts those or those goals.

2. Processing of data is appropriate, relevant, and not excessive.

3. Data is precise and, accurate, where applicable, current.

4. Data is not held for no longer than is necessary for the purpose (s).

5. Data is processed in accordance with the legal rights of data subjects under applicable legislation.

6. Proper security is provided.


We are committed to protecting your personal and data privacy when you use our website, mobile app, or other services. We are also committed to ensuring that you can make informed decisions and have confidence in giving your personal data to us.


Andreas Kaiafas

CEO Marathon Airlines