Fly Marathon

Aircraft Management.

Our aircraft management strategy at Marathon aims to provide a fully outsourced service. Our clients entrust us with the responsibility of managing their aircraft asset, making day-to-day operational and planning decisions, and providing a clear and transparent billing service.

From passenger itineraries to flight services and crewing, maintenance supervision, regulatory authority interface, full cash management and financial services, up to and including audited accounts for the aircraft, we accept responsibility for all areas of the aircraft operation.

We provide a menu-based service that allows our clients to pick and choose the elements they need, allowing us to customise our services to their specific requirements – a truly bespoke asset management service.

At Marathon, we believe we can meet all our client’s needs by offering:

  • Flexibility: We’re available around the clock to deal with queries quickly and effectively.
  • Experience: Worldwide aircraft operational experience, with proven expertise in long-range aircraft.
  • Specialist knowledge: A team of experts who specialise in bespoke client management, working closely with professional advisors who specialise in aircraft ownership, tax and VAT structures.
  • Safety: An engineering solution which means your client’s aircraft is maintained to the highest level, with a nominated Safety Management System (SMS) resource and management tool.
  • Discretion: A full understanding of the need for security, privacy and discretion.
  • Transparency: A transparent invoicing management model, where all costs are passed on with no mark-up.
  • Reassurance: The reassurance that under EASA regulations and AOC holder conditions, Marathon as a business is being continually-audited at the highest level..