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Our Account Executive Team is available 24/7 to assist you with your tailored travel plans.   With a focus on privacy and personalized service, we can manage every detail at the highest quality for the most demanding requirements safely and securely. 

We can organize all the logistics of your trip, from personalized air travel services, to your favorite destination hotels, residences, ground transportation, and even arrange for you your favorite yacht requirements.


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AVAILABILITY with as little as 24 hours notice

FIXED HOURLY RATES there are No hidden costs

HIGHEST STANDARD OF SAFETY with full range of services


Our Flight Menu Packages

Easy Plan20 block hours
Connect50 block hours
Silver70 block hours
Gold100 block hours
Platinium150 block hours

Aircraft Management

If you own an aircraft, you can sign a management contract with our company.

By doing this, we will create revenue for you, offsetting the cost of aircraft ownership.  This will reduce the burden of maintenance and insurance cost through generated revenue.

And most importantly, you will have your aircraft in an EASA controlled environment that will ensure safety of operations and maintain the value of your asset.

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Chairman & CEO

Started aviation since 1991, he is driven by a passion in aviation. IOSA Auditor, he holds also an Airline Transport Pilot License and has flown more than 11,000 thousand hours… Read More

Panagiotis Athanasopoulos

Member of the Board of Directors

Panagiotis Athanasopoulos started his aviation career 43 years ago. Before joining Marathon Airlines as Member of the Board of Directors, he held engineering… Read More

Christophe ANDREOU

Accountable Manager

Christophe Andreou is our Accountable Manager. He has 10 years experience in banking. When he moved back to Athens in 2016, Christophe changed career… Read More

CPT Konstantinos Kontis

Flight Operations Manager

Konstantinos Kontis is our Director of Flight Operations. He started his career in the Hellenic Air Force as Fighter Pilot, Instructor and… Read More

CPT Ioannis Magklaras

Crew Training Manager

Ioannis Magklaras is our Crew Training Manager. Experienced pilot, Ioannis joined Marathon Airlines after 19 years at Olympic Airlines where … Read More

Christos Chatzigeorgiou

Safety & OCC Manager

Christos Chatzigeorgiou is our Safety Manager & OCC Manager. He started his aviation career with Olympic Airways (29 years) and has occupied… Read More

Nicoletta Papoulia

Cabin Crew Manager

Nicoletta Papoulia is our Cabin Crew Manager. Experienced flight attendant, Nicoletta joined Marathon Airlines after 22 years at Cronus Airlines, Aegean Airlines… Read More

Georgios Papamichalis

Compliance Manager

He has over 55 years of experience in aeronautics field 20 of which were spent at Olympic Airlines as Aircraft Engineer, Special Inspector and… Read More

Georgios Papanastasiou

Ground Operations & Security Manager

Georgios Papanastasiou is our Ground Operations and Security Manager. Georgios has 17 years experience of aviation and started his career as … Read More

Vasilis Tsakoumakis

CAMO Manager

Vasilis Tsakoumakis is our Technical Director. He is in charge of our maintenance team in Athens. He has extensive knowledge of the aviation industry as… Read More

Are you passionate about aviation?


We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are and very passionate about aviation. Visit our Careers page for more information on our available opportunities.

Your Pilots

Experience matters: Our pilots have been selected through rigorous screening, discipline and have experience in highly demanding environments worldwide.

All our commanders have flown for their respective countries’ Head of State Operations for many years.


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